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Created in 2004, the main goal of the Quercus Prize is to feature identities, companies or citizens that distinguish themselves as environmental defenders and promoters of the sustainable development in Portugal or any other part of the world.

Application process

Suggestions from candidates for the Quercus Prize must be sent to the Executive Committee until the end of February of each year.

The applications can be sent by centers, work groups and partners of the Association, and they can contain more than one suggestion.


Organization of the Application

The presentation of the applications must contain the following elements:
- Name/data of the candidate
- Contacts
- Main reasons that justify the application

Candidates for the Quercus Prize can be any entity, institution, company or citizen that, due to its activity (regular or sporadic) has contributed significantly to promote the defence of the environment as well as the sustainability in Portugal or in any other place in the world.

Decision Process

The final decision on the Quercus Prize winner will be made by the Standing Committee until the end of March.


Periodicity of the delivery of the Prize

The Quercus prize is awarded annually.









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